Get professional brake and shock repair at Buchanan's Service CenterYour family’s safety depends greatly on the performance of the brakes and shocks on your vehicle.

Trust Buchanan’s Service for thorough and exact brake repair. Buchanan’s Service goes through your entire brake system to examine, replace or fix:

  • brake pads or shoes
  • calipers
  • drums
  • rotors
  • bearings
  • parking/emergency brake
  • anti-lock brake system (ABS)
  • traction control system

As shocks and struts wear out, they lose their ability to cushion wheel and body movement which makes it more difficult to control your vehicle. Stopping distances become longer and you risk nose-diving coming to a sudden stop as well as experiencing a car rollover. Plus, worn shocks and struts add more impact and jolts to your vehicle’s suspension system, along with every part attached to it. As result, other components on your car subjected to these harsh movements can fatigue and break faster.

Replacing worn shocks and struts at Buchanan’s Service makes for safer driving and less wear over all on your vehicle. As an added benefit, new shocks and struts bring that new ride feel back to an older car and truck.