Preparing for your vehicles first big road trip of the year

You’re ready to get on the road for your first summer road trip, but is your vehicle ready, too?

First and foremost, start your maintenance check with an oil change. We recommend going to a service garage rather than a franchised shop, as service garage professionals are better trained and will thoroughly check other key components of your vehicle including transmission fluid, coolant system, hoses, drive belts, signals, lights and wipers.

Next, check your tires for their age, tire pressure, tread depth and overall condition. Older tires ride hard, show signs of cracking and bulging so should be replaced before going out on a long road trip. Having the correct air pressure in your tires is necessary for fuel efficiency and reducing heat. Tread depth is also important for traction and ride. Learn more about assessing your tires health.

With cars running cooler these days, hoses within air-conditioning and cooling systems aren’t as much of an issue as they have been in the past. However, it’s important to check your air-conditioner operation to be sure the system is clean and operating at full capacity.

If your car battery is over 4 years old, consider replacing it. Your electrical system is a key component to your vehicle operation and you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery.

Once you’ve changed your oil and double-checked that your tires, air-conditioning system and car battery are running smoothly, it’s time to hit the road, turn up the tunes, and start your road trip worry-free.