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  • Affordable: Dealerships often come with high overhead costs which reflect in their pricing. We’re proud to offer competitive pricing, making essential vehicle maintenance and repair more affordable for you.
  • Personalized Care: At our shop, you’re not just another job in the queue. We pride ourselves on providing personalized, attentive service to each of our customers. We take the time to know you and your vehicle.
  • Trust and Communication: Building relationships with our customers is at the heart of what we do. We believe that good work is built on trust, and we’re committed to transparent, clear communication about your vehicle’s needs.

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We believe in offering a car care experience that genuinely meets your family’s needs. We combine trustworthy service at prices that make sense.

Your Trust, Our Transparency: We Keep You Informed Throughout Every Repair

Skilled and Certified: Our Technicians Elevate Auto Care

Our Promise: Only the Best Products and Service For Your Vehicle

buchanan’s service center

Your Local, Trusted Auto Repair Shop

At Buchanan’s Service Center, we’re more than just an auto repair and tire shop – we’re a part of your community. With over 40 years of service in Omaha, we’ve built our reputation on trust, expertise, and a commitment to our customers.

As a locally-owned, independent garage, we treat you like family because, to us, you are. From minor tune-ups to major repairs, we’ll care for your car like it’s our own, delivering straightforward advice and reliable service without the dealership pressure.

With a dedicated team boasting decades of combined experience, you can rest assured that there’s not much we haven’t seen or fixed. Our technicians are not just mechanics – they’re your neighbors, and they’re here to keep your car running smoothly and safely.

Our service doesn’t stop with auto repairs. As Omaha’s tire experts, we offer a wide selection of leading brands including Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, and more. We’ll help you choose the perfect tires for your vehicle, ensuring you hit the road with confidence.

We’re conveniently located at 7911 W Dodge Rd and 5001 Dodge St, and we’re open seven days a week because we understand that car troubles don’t take a break.

Choose Buchanan’s Service Center, Omaha’s trusted name in auto repair and tire services. Contact us or schedule your appointment today, and experience the hometown service that’s kept our community rolling for over four decades.


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Traveled here from Chicago to visit family. Developed a strange banging over bumps. Steve put the car on the rack and discovered failed shock absorber. Told him couldn’t wait for a replacement. He gave me back the keys and advised taking it slow. He also wouldn’t accept any payment. I haven’t experienced service like that in a very long time. Couldn’t be happier.


Bob did a great job with evaluating our car. He was willing to spend time to review previous work that I had done on the vehicle. Bob explained the status of the problems with the vehicle so I could make informed decision on repairs needed. Very reasonable cost for the diagnosis.


Wouldn’t take our vehicles anywhere else! They truly go above and beyond for their customers. Honest, knowledgeable people who have never tried to oversell us and get the job done.



Repair garage open 7 days a week

We are a locally family owned and operated business for more than 40 years with two physical locations and towing services. When you’re looking for tires, gas or auto repair services in Omaha and surrounding areas, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from for tires and engine repair and we hope that you’ll come to Buchanan’s Service Center for auto repair needs! All services are done with outstanding devotion to customer service and conscientious, detail-oriented repair, and craftsmanship to ensure that every job is done right the first time.

Proudly serving our community for over 40 years!

Air Filter Replacement

Services Air Filter Replacement Air filter replacement is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a critical component ensuring optimal driving performance, safety, and comfort. An air filter acts as a protective shield for your car’s engine and cabin. By filtering out harmful particles, pollutants, and other contaminants, it ensures the air flowing into…

Battery Replacement

Services Car Battery Replacement at Buchanan’s Service Center Car battery replacement is essential for your vehicle functioning, it is the heartbeat of your car. It doesn’t just turn your engine on; it keeps it alive and powers the myriad of other systems – from your air conditioning on a hot summer day to the radio…

Belts & Hoses

Services Car Belts and Car Hoses at Buchanan’s Service Center Car belts and car hoses integrate the intricate system of your vehicle to ensure everything stays synchronized, connected, and running. Think of them as the lifelines of your car, transmitting power, delivering fluids, and maintaining balance. But, with time and exposure to elements, belts may…

Brake Repair Services

Services Car Brakes Repair Car Brakes are more than just metal and fluid. They’re a blend of engineering and precision that, when working optimally, keep us protected on the road. Buchanan’s Service Center, with its legacy in Omaha and years of expertise, recognizes the crucial role brakes play. It’s not just about stopping; it’s about…

Check Engine Light

Services Check Engine Light Your check engine light isn’t just a nuisance. It’s your vehicle’s way of saying that something, whether minor or significant, is out of order. At Buchanan’s Service Center, we’re well-versed in translating what this light is trying to tell you. The secret? Don’t brush it off. While it might seem tempting…

Computerized Diagnostics Services

Services Car Computer Diagnostic Service Why is a car computer diagnostic service necessary? Imagine your car’s system as an intricate language, spoken through codes and signals. This isn’t your ordinary language, but rather one expressed through electronic engine control systems designed to ensure efficiency and meet federal regulations. Buchanan’s Service Center is like your friendly…

Differential Repair Services

Services Differential Repair Why is differential repair important?Within the intricate machinery of your vehicle, the differential transfers engine power to the wheels, adjusting for any speed differences when you navigate curves or bends. Imagine if your inside wheel, during a turn, has to move slower than the outer one; the differential makes this possible. Without…

Driveline Repair Services

Services Driveline Repair Services Driveline repair might be something that you never even tought before. Your vehicle’s driveline comprises a series of parts that collaboratively work to convert the rotational power from the engine, channeling it effectively to make the wheels turn. Neglecting issues with the driveline can lead to more extensive damages and an…

Engine Repair and Diagnostics Services

Services Car Engine Repair and Diagnostics Services Car engines repairs are crucial, since they are the main component of your vehicle, converting energy from fuel into motion that drives our cars. But, just like any sophisticated machinery, they require meticulous care and attention to function at their best. An engine’s health determines how efficiently your…

Muffler Repair Services

Services Car Muffler Repair A car muffler is part of your vehicle’s exhaust system, helps in reducing the noise produced by the engine and aids in directing the exhaust gasses out safely. But it’s not just about noise control; a functional muffler ensures optimal fuel efficiency and minimizes the release of harmful pollutants. When compromised,…

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